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AngelSlash 1999 Golden Fang Award for Favorite Author

Whence Redemption
AngelSlash 1999 Fic of the Year
AngelSlash 1999 Golden Fang Award for Favorite Multi-part Fic or Series
Renegade Slash Militia Recommendation for January 2000

The Soulryver: A Buffy-Angel Crossover Event PG-13 Angel/Xander
A soul-eating demon attacks in Sunnydale and then goes after Angel.

Everything Happens To Me PG-13 Angel/Xander
Xander makes a trip to LA.

The Life We Lead R Angel/Xander
Xander's visit to LA continues.

Apart Time R Angel/Xander
Xander returns to Sunnydale for a short time.
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In the Bleak Midwinter

In the Bleak Midwinter PG-13 Angel/Xander
The winter solstice brings a demonically severe case of winter weather to Sunnydale.
AngelSlash 1999 Golden Fang Award for Favorite Holiday Fic

Often and Silently PG Angel/Xander
Different people ring in the new year in different ways.
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Nummy Treat
UCSL 2000 Fanfic Awards for Best Male Slash Fic, Best Male Slash Smut Fic, Best Long Fic

Nummy Treat NC-17 Spike/Xander, Angel/Xander
A bored Spike still finds a way to have fun.

Other Stories

Angel and the Seven Slayers PG-13 Angel/Xander
A fairy tale for our time.

The Taco Hellmouth PG-13 Angel/Xander
Deadboy and Xander go for fast food.



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